Moment of Clarity - Backstage of Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp
Every week Redacted Tonight will provide comedy news with a punch. This weekly satire show tackles all the real news stories the mainstream media failed to mention and provides new angles on the ones they do. As The Herald called it "Jon Stewart with teeth." Also follow @LeeCamp on Twitter and

#189 - How to communicate with your personal slave laborer, how to stop mass murder with pipe cleaners, and MORE

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#188 - CENK UYGUR from THE YOUNG TURKS talks about the limp left and much more...

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#187 - Gun control hysteria, Walmart's creative corruption, the Westboro Bastard Church, and much more...

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#186 - How to fund war, how to launder drug money, and more...

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#185 - Advertisements Are Assholes

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#184 - WORLD PREMIER song by Katie Goodman and more...

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#183 - What do religion and suburbia have in common? 

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#182 - I talk with Garin Etcheberry following his recent tour of Iran plus more...

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#181 - Another Fox News slayer, Walmart slayers, foul smell sprayers, and much more...

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#180 - WalMart strike, Israel strikes, and Karl Rove fails to strike again...

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#179 - The TOP SECRET deal that will affect your life, Obama climate blame, AND the people's bailout

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#178 - Urine-powered future, Occupy Sandy, death by clams, and more...

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#178 - Election Integrity Expert VICTORIA COLLIER spends the hour with me

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#176 - Post election rundown PLUS I talk with comedian GREG PROOPS

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#175 - Pre-Election update, Post-Sandy update, and more...

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#174 - World Premiere Song by SUSAN SISKO, plus who owns the voting machines, antidepressants, and more

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#173 - What do Paul Ryan and Bigfoot spotters have in common? 

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DON'T MISS THIS! My interview with Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein a mere 24 hours before she was arrested for trying to enter the Presidential Debates at Hofstra University. 

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#171 - Presidential Candidate arrested, tracking devices in schools, and more...

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#170 - I went to the Cayman Islands to expose Romney's tax havens

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#169 - Interview with Dr. Margaret Flowers & Kevin Zeese, two amazing activists fighting to make this world a better place. 

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#168 - The TRUTH about the Mayan prediction the world will end in 2012

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#167 - THE YES MEN's Andy Bichlbaum sits down with me to talk about infiltration, revolution, and coming in people's brains

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#166 - How to get a tax haven, how to avoid a baby, & why 14 year-olds are smarter than all of us

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#165 - Burn your money... or maybe just put it away

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#164 - Moral confusion, the reality of climate change, and more...

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#163 - How to think outside the box even if you're living in one

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#162 - One year from global riots, genitals in a jar, and much more...

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 VICE PRESIDENTIAL candidate CINDY SHEEHAN plus corporate zombies plus more...

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#160 - Interview with investigative journalist GREG PALAST and MORE

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#159 - What you're doing right now might not matter

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#158 - NASA engineer Jonathan Lapin talks with me about Mars, Armstrong, and the privatization of space...

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#157 - The experts who always get it wrong...

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#156 - Fifty Shades of Rape, cocaine UFO's, and more

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#155 - The TRUTH About Voting (MOC rant only)

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#154 - Assange, Pussy Riot, & Meat Printing... Bet you never thought you'd see those together in the same headline.

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#153 - Your Vote WILL Be Stolen & Here's How

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#152 - SUICIDE GIRLS queen Nicole Powers talks with me about the future of feminism and why socks give you orgasms

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#151 - Half of US is disaster area, no Black super heroes, AND US sinks arms treaty

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#150 - The Euro was meant to fail, diapers that can stop a bullet, and more...

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#149 - Fracking, drought, and other plagues 

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#148 - COMEDIAN TOM RHODES talks with me about what really matters in life, compassion fatigue, and more...

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#147 - The jobs aren't coming back, the Higgs Boson particle IS back, & the big banks stab us all in the back

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#146 - I talk with ASHER PLATTS (AKA Punk Patriot) who is running for state senate in Maine

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#145 - Homophobia, push for weed, GOP still believing in WMD and more...

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#144 - Vaginas, Occupy member sent to prison, Sean Fahey (former MOC guest) in Tahrir Square and more...

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#143 - JANE BUSSMANN, war correspondent and former "South Park" writer, talks with me about Africa, Hollywood, KONY 2012, & of course, diarrhea.

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#142 - SCREENWRITER STEVE FABER sits down with me and talks the correlation between Hollywood and Washington DC. The man behind "Wedding Crashers" explains what "Wedding Crashers" has to do with lobbying politicians and stealing food. 

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Paul Krassner is a counter culture hero, a journalistic hero, a freedom of speech hero, and so much more. He sits down with me for the hour to talk about everything from being Lenny Bruce's best friend to why he drew a picture of his penis when I was in elementary school. 

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#140 - MORE ways the mainstream media is screwing us 

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#139 - I talk with JAY TOMLINSON of BEST OF THE LEFT plus not one, but TWO Moments of Clarity

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#138 - The creators of the new film "BAILOUT" talk with me about the mortgage crisis and an economy without a steering wheel.

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#137- RAPPER & ACTIVIST B. DOLAN talks with me about his hit "Film The Police" and his venture to out corporate criminals -

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#136 - DAVE COYKENDALL, the creator of the hit documentary "Owned & Operated" talks with me

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#135 - PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ROCKY ANDERSON sits down with me and talks third party spoilers, war crimes, & more. The biggest interview yet on the Moment of Clarity podcast. 

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#134 - May 1st General Strike PLUS Wal-Mart taking bribes PLUS beer listed as a medical supply PLUS more...

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#133 - Interview with THE CREATORS of "WE'RE NOT BROKE" - the new movie on activism to stop corporate greed

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#132 - You're a slave, Google's dystopia, and what do great Dutch asses say about the environment?

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#131 - Unemployment crisis solved, General Wesley Clark reveals the US coup that already too place and much more...

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Fox News manipulation tactics, humans combining with robots, brand new music about the Iraq War, AND I finally pronounce Julian Assange's name correctly. ALL that and more on today's Moment of Clarity Backstage. 

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#128 - How ALEC caused Treyvon Martin's death, how greed kept Dick Cheney healthy, and more...

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A double episode of Moment of Clarity plus I sit down with filmmaker Skylar Gordon and talk about his groundbreaking new experimental film "Ontologica!" 

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#125 - End of the American empire? AND former Goldman Sachs employee reveals the truth...

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#124 - BILL HICKS's brother STEVE HICKS talks to me about the man & the legend 

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#123 - The Anti-Occupy Law is signed by Obama. Wyoming nearly votes to allow martial law. And much more...

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#122 - The only way to make Congress act ethically PLUS is the word "d**che holes" offensive to women?? and more

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#121 - Massive privacy giveaway, Rush Limbaugh's shock & awe against women and more

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#120 - National expert on urban redelopment and housing policy and regular blogger for Huffington Post PETER SMIRNIOTOPOULOS talks with me. PLUS should God be a part of every presidential campaign?

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#119 - Another bailout for the big banks??

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#118 - WORLD PREMIERE song by the band DOCO plus I read YOUR moments of clarity

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NASA ENGINEER JONATHAN LAPIN talks with me about space travel and whether a space shuttle could land in the Hudson if it were attacked by geese. PLUS much more. 

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Double episode covering climate change, why Bush would be in prison in Peru, & more

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I talk with MARK SEMAN, host of several shows on Sirius/XM radio PLUS I cover factory farming and the scam settlement between big banks and the states.

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I talk with author and infiltrator Harmon Leon about his new expose on the mail order bride industry. I also cover how to argue with a republican and much more. [get more at]

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#112 - "How To Destroy The Environment, Steal Money, & Look Good Doing It" 

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Musical comedian Katie Goodman talks to me about comedy, art, and when it's okay to say the word "c*nt." 

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LIVE at Occupy Congress PLUS Twitter caves to global censorship PLUS more...

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I talk with liberal author and TV show host Laura Flanders and much more. 

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#108 - SGT. SHAMAR THOMAS, star of the YouTube viral video "One Marine vs. Thirty Cops" sits down with me to talk police brutality, war, & Occupy. Plus I cover SOPA, PIPA, ALEC and many other confusing and evil initials. 

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Vlad Teichberg, one of the leaders of the Global Revolution livestream, speaks live at an Occupy protest outside Mayor Bloomberg's home. PLUS I take on Citizens United PLUS more.

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Remember that viral video of the brilliant dude tearing Fox News a new one down at Occupy? I talk with the man himself Jesse Lagreca for a full hour. 

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I talk with The Darlings and frack the fracking frack out of hydraulic fracking. 

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#104 - The Year 2011 in Review PLUS earthquakes of greed PLUS more...

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