Moment of Clarity - Backstage of Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp
This is the backstage of "Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp" - A one-hour weekly podcast that tackles politics, comedy, and more with co-host John F. O'Donnell. The audio from each week's episode of "Redacted Tonight" is also played on every podcast episode. As The Herald called it "Jon Stewart with teeth." Also follow @LeeCamp on Twitter and

#174 - World Premiere Song by SUSAN SISKO, plus who owns the voting machines, antidepressants, and more

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#173 - What do Paul Ryan and Bigfoot spotters have in common? 

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DON'T MISS THIS! My interview with Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein a mere 24 hours before she was arrested for trying to enter the Presidential Debates at Hofstra University. 

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#171 - Presidential Candidate arrested, tracking devices in schools, and more...

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#170 - I went to the Cayman Islands to expose Romney's tax havens

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#169 - Interview with Dr. Margaret Flowers & Kevin Zeese, two amazing activists fighting to make this world a better place. 

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#168 - The TRUTH about the Mayan prediction the world will end in 2012

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#167 - THE YES MEN's Andy Bichlbaum sits down with me to talk about infiltration, revolution, and coming in people's brains

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