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Every week Redacted Tonight will provide comedy news with a punch. This weekly satire show tackles all the real news stories the mainstream media failed to mention and provides new angles on the ones they do. As The Herald called it "Jon Stewart with teeth." Also follow @LeeCamp on Twitter and

#277 - The overwhelming force that we pretend doesn't exist PLUS the obese revolution! 

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#276 - BP conviction, death penalty on the outs, people power still alive & more...

#276 - BP conviction, death penalty on the outs, people power still alive & more...

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#275 - STEVE HORN talks with me about how the Keystone Pipeline is ALREADY carrying oil and much more...

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#274 - This wooden table will change the way you view the world

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#273 - Are dildos spying on us? Is the pope a redneck? And much more...

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#272 - Dystopia will not attack us, it will slowly consume us


#271 - Porn and 9/11 (and so much more) 

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#270 - WHY are we here? 

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#269 - The problem with black people, the problem with library books, & hactivist sentenced to 10 yrs in prison

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#268 - KATIE KLABUSICH talks with me about the fight to protect women's rights

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#267 - I've found a way to use corporations' own tricks against them

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#266 - Really?? Chevron is suing the victims of their OWN toxic dumping? 

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#265 - Random thoughts that could change the world... or not. 

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#264 - Women are damn good at a shocking thing, New corporate center for America, Net neutrality on the ropes, and more...

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#263 - Revolt is in the air...

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#262 - Dylan Ratigan breaks his silence, how food stamps are destroying the world and more...

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#261 - The main obstacle to creating change...

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#260 - Militarization of police, JP Morgan gets off easy, drones creating terrorists, and more...

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#259 - ELEANOR GOLDFIELD joins me, the lead singer of Rooftop Revolutionaries 

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#258 - Monsanto, Abby Martin, Chevron, and more...

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#257 - Supreme Court prepares to hammer the final nail into the coffin of democracy

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#256 - CHRIS HEDGES, the government shuts down, and one bold city stands up for itself...

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#255 - I talk with the creators of Super Corporate Heroes, the Pope says some heroic things, and much more...

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#254 - $50 Trillion??, winner of the theme song contest, various corporations using the courts to destroy the world, and more...

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#253 - I don't want to live in this world anymore, plus theme song contest, plus Occupy anniversary and more...

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#252 - Big announcements from AFL-CIO and Ed Snowden, workers uniting, plus crucial info for travelers 

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#251 - A world worse than Catch-22, Torture victims pay their torturers, more on Syria, more on the "end game" memo...

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#250 - Inventions that could save the world, the leaked Summers memo, more on Syria, & the new feminist theme song

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#249 - The US in Syria, news on legalizing pot, student loan debt crushing the country, and whack-a-mole

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#248 - What does the Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke performance say about our culture?

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#247 - The instruction manual to pillaging the world, how our government is getting more secretive, and more...

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#246 - Councilman Alex Lunn, plus questions about Boston Bombing, Oprah loses her mind, and more...

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#245 - NASA says we're f**ked, sun changing polarity, crazy pants embassy closings, new MOC theme song, and more...

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#244 - Fast food employees standing up, Zimmerman still crazy, the sounds of Scotland, and more...

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#243 - I get pulled over and questioned about drugs, A water park in the North Pole, the Montreal comedy festival and more...

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#242 - How to fix your job, how surgery can fix your future, how Walmart is eating itself and much more...

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#241 - The George Zimmerman Verdict Goes Much Deeper Than You Think 

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#240 - EXCLUSIVE interview with the wife of Ibragim Todashev, the man who was gunned down by the FBI a month after the Boston Bombing under bizarre circumstances. 

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#239 - Sketchy stuff going on with the FBI killing in Florida, journalist Michael Hastings's death, and much more...

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#238 - 13 yrs in jail for chalking, gov't gets out of the love business, racism is over, and more...

#238 - 13 yrs in jail for chalking, gov't gets out of the love business, racism is over, and more...

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#237 - The best speech I've ever heard (Chris Hedges) and more...

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#236 - Facts about the free market that will blow your mind...

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#235 - Brazil rocked, how to stop child labor, urgent action on climate change, and new music

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#234 - God is a deadbeat dad, more on NSA spying, PLUS Mike Shipley of the Bradley Manning Freedom Torch Parade

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#233 - Snowden, NSA, Bilderberg, plan B an more

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#232 - Most extreme assault on privacy in US history, solving the world's energy problems, stopping Walmart and more

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#231 - People rising in China, Turkey, Syria, the US, plus squid eating our babies, and much more

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#230 - The first steps to opening your eyes, Facebook face plants, Koch Bros. stick their tentacles in media, military power-grab, and new music.

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#229 - McDonald's, Monsanto, and why all the fuss about genocide??

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#228 - A Million Revolutions!

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#227 - Pentagon funding memory erasing drugs

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#226 - NICK REVELL comedy and why we're all slaves

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#225 - How To Boil A Human

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#224 - The whisper episode - This discussion is too dangerous for the everyone to hear

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Why are we calling this a recovery??

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#222 - CEO to Worker Pay Gap Up 1,000% Since 1950

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#221 - Should we feed the prisoners at Guantanamo? 

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#220 - Why the Native Americans should thank us...

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#219 - Militarization of the police, dirty wars and drones, monsanto suing Vermont, and more

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#218 - It's time for a shadow government

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An article came out showing that Barbie would look pretty strange in real life. ( And while that is true, I don't think women should give up on that dream just yet.

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#216 - Obama & Congress pass a bill to gut the anti-insider trading law

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#215 - My message to the millions of unemployed and underemployed

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#214 - Obama's kill list, a badass grandma, and funding activism

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#213 Short - Cruelty to animals is simply good business

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#212 - HARMON LEON, the Exxon oil spill, a win for reproductive rights and much more...

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#211 - SHORT: How Monsanto gained power over all 3 branches of government

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#210 SHORT - Police spend literally millions of hours on low-level marijuana arrests

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#209 - Is Monsanto invincible? Are Drones inevitable? New music by Brother Ali and more!

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#208 - The banks' evil magic trick, NYPD wastes a million hours, how FB knows if your gay and much more....

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#207 - My most controversial rant to date - I respond to the hate mail PLUS talk with NICK MARGERRISON

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#206 - Corporations Soar While Average People Suffer

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#205 - MATTHEW FILIPOWICZ talks with me about drones, comedy, Chomsky and more...

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#204 - Apathy, the Supreme Court, and what matters in life

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#203 - Fracking!

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#202 - The Most Positive MOC Yet! Greg Palast

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#201 - REBEL INC. band member ADAM ARMSTRONG talks with me about music with heart and much more...

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#200 - Creator of OWS WEEK KATHY McCONAGHIE sits down with me to talk Occupy, Iran, and much much more...

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#199 - Signs That Western Civilization Is Collapsing

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#198 - US Government Found Guilty of Murdering MLK Jr. In A Civil Trial and much more...

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#197 - A sit down with my hero of the week, JONATHAN FRIEMAN, the man who is fighting a traffic ticket for not having enough people in the carpool lane. But in fact, he did have two people. One of them was his corporation - the papers for which were sitting next to him the car. And as we all know, corporations are people!

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#196 - Exclusive Interview with Christina Tobin from Free & Equal, PLUS how the indigenous defeated big oil and more...

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#195 - Greed And The Hostess Bankruptcy: What REALLY Happened

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#194 - Exclusive Interview with PETER JOSEPH, Creator of The ZEITGEIST Movement 

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#193 - Genocide prevention expert SIMON ADAMS sits down with me as well as a WORLD PREMIERE song by SPECIEZ

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#192 - What a near death experience can do for YOU! 

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#191 - HUGE EPISODE: Comedian Jimmy Failla joins me for a full hour review of 2012 and where we go from here

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#190 - New words, Bank criminals, rocket launchers and more

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