Moment of Clarity - Backstage of Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp
Every week Redacted Tonight will provide comedy news with a punch. This weekly satire show tackles all the real news stories the mainstream media failed to mention and provides new angles on the ones they do. As The Herald called it "Jon Stewart with teeth." Also follow @LeeCamp on Twitter and

#210 SHORT - Police spend literally millions of hours on low-level marijuana arrests

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#209 - Is Monsanto invincible? Are Drones inevitable? New music by Brother Ali and more!

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#208 - The banks' evil magic trick, NYPD wastes a million hours, how FB knows if your gay and much more....

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#207 - My most controversial rant to date - I respond to the hate mail PLUS talk with NICK MARGERRISON

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#206 - Corporations Soar While Average People Suffer

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#205 - MATTHEW FILIPOWICZ talks with me about drones, comedy, Chomsky and more...

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