Moment of Clarity - Backstage of Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp
This is the backstage of "Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp" - A one-hour weekly podcast that tackles politics, comedy, and more with co-host John F. O'Donnell. The audio from each week's episode of "Redacted Tonight" is also played on every podcast episode. As The Herald called it "Jon Stewart with teeth." Also follow @LeeCamp on Twitter and

Jimmy Dore returns to the show, in-studio, to talk about state of corporate power, the petro-dollar and more! Plus boycotting the NFL!


Teodrose Firke talks about revolutionizing the news! Plus Hurrican Irma & climate change, Hilary Clinton's new book and more!

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Former CIA Analyst, Ray McGovern, talks about the culture of lying to the public surrounding the CIA. Plus militarizing the police, War with Iran & North Korea and more!


Ed Fallon talks about the Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for the Dakota Access Pipeline, is suing activists! Plus Hurricane Harvey, Kamala Harris and more!

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