Moment of Clarity - Backstage of Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp
Every week Redacted Tonight will provide comedy news with a punch. This weekly satire show tackles all the real news stories the mainstream media failed to mention and provides new angles on the ones they do. As The Herald called it "Jon Stewart with teeth." Also follow @LeeCamp on Twitter and

From Food & Water Watch, Scott Edwards talks about Climate Change, the laws that are written for corporations and some viable solutions to the problem. PLUS the Pentagon has failed it's very first audit!  

Come see the full Redacted Cast in a Live Stand Up Comedy event at the Comedy Inn in Miami FL on December 7 & 8!


We dive into Election Fraud from the Midterms with Niko House and Stacy Asip! PLUS why Corporate Media won't address Climate Change, Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House and more!

See the full Redacted Cast at the Comedy Inn in Miami on December 7 & 8!

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Host of In Question, Anya Parampil, talks about the stories that corporate media will not cover! PLUS what the Midterm Elections REALLY mean, American interventionism and more!

See the FULL Redacted cast at the Comedy Inn in Miami FL on December 8-9!


A full correspondents episode! Natalie McGill talks about new scams by Wall Street! Naomi Karavani talks how Tech companies are anti-immigrant! John F. O'Donnell discusses how there's no scientific data in forensics! 

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