Moment of Clarity - Backstage of Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp
This is the backstage of "Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp" - A one-hour weekly podcast that tackles politics, comedy, and more with co-host John F. O'Donnell. The audio from each week's episode of "Redacted Tonight" is also played on every podcast episode. As The Herald called it "Jon Stewart with teeth." Also follow @LeeCamp on Twitter and

#333 - Insane tuition, New Gaza Flotilla, Drone pilots quitting droves...

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#332 - Chicago PD has a "black site, powering your phone with masturbation and more...

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#331- Rodney Reed, Walmart, and major corporate subsidies

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#330 - Smart pills, GMO apples, and ag-gag bills

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Lee and JFOD tackle the world, plus the audio of Lee's interview with Jill Stein

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I interviewed a Presidential candidate on Redacted and we talk about how a third party could break through...

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#327 - Protesters take on Henry Kissinger to his face and get screamed at by John McCain

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#326 - American Sniper dissected, police using x-ray devices, Pope speaks on climate change & more...

#326 - American Sniper dissected, police using x-ray devices, Pope speaks on climate change & more...

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Lee and JFOD take on the NYPD, excess consumerism, global warming, and more...

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Lee Camp wraps up a crazy year!

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