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Moment of Clarity

Dec 29, 2018

Live Stand Up Comedy Special from Miami! Featuring Comedy from all the cast members of the Redacted Tonight team!

Dec 24, 2018

Marxist Economist Dr. Richard Wolff talks about workers rights. PLUS how inequality leads to fascism, updates about pranktivism and more!

Download Lee Camp's new comedy special at 


Dec 17, 2018

From Veteran's For Peace, Matthew Ho talks about his service, how to move forward and effects of war. PLUS the movement in France, new monopolies and more!

Download Lee Camp's new comedy special:

Dec 8, 2018

From Act Out! and the Co-Host of Common Censored, Eleanor Goldfield talks about social media platforms that are open and uncensored! PLUS the missing $22 Trillion is becoming a mainstream story, the death of George H.W. Bush and more! 

Dec 2, 2018

From the Rick Sanchez Show, Rick Sanchez talks about the ins and outs of being part of Mainstream Media! PLUS Cell Phones myths, Monsanto poisons and so much more!

See the FULL Redacted cast at the Comedy Inn in Miami on December 7 & 8!