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Moment of Clarity

Jan 29, 2012

Musical comedian Katie Goodman talks to me about comedy, art, and when it's okay to say the word "c*nt." 

Jan 27, 2012

LIVE at Occupy Congress PLUS Twitter caves to global censorship PLUS more...

Jan 20, 2012

I talk with liberal author and TV show host Laura Flanders and much more. 

Jan 18, 2012

#108 - SGT. SHAMAR THOMAS, star of the YouTube viral video "One Marine vs. Thirty Cops" sits down with me to talk police brutality, war, & Occupy. Plus I cover SOPA, PIPA, ALEC and many other confusing and evil initials. 

Jan 12, 2012

Vlad Teichberg, one of the leaders of the Global Revolution livestream, speaks live at an Occupy protest outside Mayor Bloomberg's home. PLUS I take on Citizens United PLUS more.