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Moment of Clarity

Jul 28, 2021

Lee talks about the long history of the US backed gang that is connected to the assassination of the Haitian President and much much more!

Jul 26, 2021

Lee Camp looks into a solution to humanity's widespread destruction of agricultural land. Hydroponic farming technologies offer society the ability to feed everyone using less land and water. Lee Camp sits down with investigative journalist Ann Garrison to learn about the U.S.'s imperialist goals in Ethiopia.

Jul 21, 2021

Lee addresses how Facebook tried to crush Rokfin because of him, Matt Orefela's Youtube is still censored, the lies about Cuba and much more!

Jul 19, 2021

Lee Camp exposes the exploitation that holds the gig economy together. One-third of US citizens work within the gig economy and its practical impact is to increase the precarious situation of American workers. He reports on Cornel West's decision to leave Harvard, billionaire Richard Branson's trip to space, the...

Jul 14, 2021

Independent Journalist, Aaron Mate joins Lee to talk about the root of the problem with the TYT debacle. Plus a look into John Cusack's horrible take on Julian Assange!