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Moment of Clarity

Oct 29, 2016

Journalist Jordan Chariton discusses the leaked emails of Hillary Clinton from Wikileaks as well as the state of journalism! Plus the North Dakota Access Pipeline Protests, Election Fraud, and more! 

Oct 22, 2016

Mnar Muhawesh, founder of Mint Press News, talks to Lee Camp about the attack on Freedom of Press. Plus the Final Debates, more on the Hillary's email leaks, and an increased surveillance state!  

Oct 16, 2016

Lee Camp talks to Arn Menconi & Dr. Margaret Flowers about the issues they are standing by as they run for Senate for the Green Party. Plus Hillary's Leaked Emails, The 2nd Debates, Arrested Journalists and more! 

Oct 8, 2016

Bob Fitrakis talks about the lawsuit against DNC and the importance about Exit Polls. Plus, Obama's Legacy, War Profiteering & the Banks Knew about the 2008 Economic Crisis. Also, John F. O'Donnell's reports from the Debates.

Oct 1, 2016

Ben, of Ben & Jerry, talks to Lee Camp about getting Money Out of Politics. Plus Jamie Mesada of the Laugh Factory talks about the "Funniest Person In World" Contest. Also, the most Censored stories at the Debates, John F. O'Donnell vs. the Debates and more!