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Moment of Clarity

May 28, 2016

Paul Provenza discusses the nature of censorship and the largest atheist rally in DC! Plus getting the same rights as Animals, Hillary's Fracking lies and more! #Forgainst

May 21, 2016

Kshama Sawant, of the Socialist Alternative Party, talks about why Bernie Sanders should run as an Independent. Plus the Nevada Primary, Election Fraud, Failing infrastructure and more!

May 14, 2016

New York City Lawyer, Jonathan Clarke is representing the people of New York to ensure that their votes are counted to fight election fraud! Plus The Death of the 2 Party system, legalizing stealing from homeless people, and more!

May 7, 2016

Richard Charnin reveals how the Election is being stolen using his mathematical calculations. Plus MMA Fights, Hillary Clinton's Victory Funds and more! 

May 1, 2016

Ring of Fire host, Mike Papantonio discusses how the free world is one of the biggest perpetrators of Election Fraud with Lee Camp! Plus #ExitPollGate, The Washington Post's assault on Tim Robbins & Lee Camp and so much more!