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Moment of Clarity

Aug 27, 2016

Investigative Journalist & Author Gareth Porter talks to Lee Camp about the state of Infinite Wars and how we haven't learned anything from Vietnam. Plus the continued Progressive Movement, the Lawsuit against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the decline of Private Prisons and more!

Aug 20, 2016

Richard D. Wolff about his new book and the pitfalls of current capitalism. Plus Lee covers the paradoxes of libertarianism.

Aug 13, 2016

Filmmaker Robbie Martin discusses his new documentary "A Heavy Agenda" and the people that are behind the Endless Wars. Plus an innocent man might get executed, McDonalds in hospitals and more! 

Aug 6, 2016

Sameera Khan, Former Ms. New Jersey, talks about getting arrested and politics in Pageants. Plus the TPP, Lesser of Two Evils and more!