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Moment of Clarity

Jun 30, 2021

Lee talks to investigative reporter Greg Palast about the new round of purging! Plus a look how the United States has seized the websites of foreign media outlets & more!

Jun 28, 2021

Noam Chomsky came on the show to discuss his latest book, "Chomsky for Activists." Chomsky & Camp cover a broad array of topics in the interview. Lee Camp looks into the evidence for a Wuhan lab leak. He then goes back into the history of the US's experimentation on the public with biological weapons, hallucinogens, and...

Jun 23, 2021

Lee interviews Suzie Dawson about Panquake, the social media platform that could change every! Lee also talks to Jamarl Thomas about the Biden/Putin Summit. Plus a look TYT's hypocrisy!

Jun 21, 2021

Years ago US diplomats in Cuba accused the Cuban government of using a high tech mystery weapon to give them slight headaches. Now the story has resurfaced and this time they're accusing the Russians of the same thing. Lee Camp reviews the corporate media's collective freakout over the sci-fi conspiracy theory. They...

Jun 16, 2021

An editor at the Intercept has continued to report on stories that have been repeatedly debunked! Plus a look at how CNN has tried to attack Bitcoin!